Passion Fruit That Helps Rejuvenate The Brain

Israeli researchers develop a new strain of passion fruit that significantly protects brain cells from damage related to aging.

Passiflora is a climbing vine; it can reach 9 meters in length in favorable climatic conditions, although its period of life does not generally exceed the decade. The appearance of the flower, similar to a crown of thorns, induced the Spanish colonizers to call it the fruit of passion.

The fruit of the passiflora is an oval or round berry, between 4 and 10 cm in diameter, fibrous and juicy, covered with a thick, waxy, delicate and inedible shell. The pulp has a lot of little seeds. The color presents great differences between varieties; the most frequent in the countries of origin is yellow. It is said that this fruit with daily consumption stains a lot of teeth so it is better to make an appointment to check the teeth with your  Tijuana Huggins protocol dentist 

Known mainly for its exotic flavor, research by an interdisciplinary team of nutrition, neuroscience and Israeli plant scientists shows that eating “passion fruit” could also preserve brain health in old age.

Researching and developing foods that can protect the brain and the central nervous system.

The team has discovered that “Dena” fruit extracts, a variety of passion fruit they have developed, protect neurons from degeneration in cell cultures (and a model in mice) of Parkinson’s disease.

We have noticed that the passion fruit contains a remarkable level of chemical products with potential antioxidant properties compared to other fruits..

They studied the protective effect of several recently developed passion fruit cultivars in cultured neuronal cells exposed to oxidative stress. “A crop, which we call” 428 “and later Dena,” showed a promising peculiarity in the protection of neuronal cell lines. “

In a follow-up study on “Dena,” the team exposed a group of mice to a toxin that causes oxidation damage to neurons in the part of the brain known as “the substantia nigra.”

These are the same neurons that die in Parkinson’s disease, and then supplemented the diet of the mice with an extract of this cultivar. The fruit significantly reduced the degree of neuronal death compared to the control mice that did not consume the extract. In addition, the mice that ate the extract had a higher overall survival rate at the end of the experiment.

When say goodbye to the baby bottle

Many times during the first years of life it happens that a very strong bond is created between the child and its source of nourishment, called the tit or the bottle. Saying goodbye to this battle in time can help a lot of the child’s teeth, a lot of time using it press the palate and throw out the teeth of the upper jaw, if this was already a long time ago your child’s problem and you want to remedy it you have to find a dentist in Mexico.

There are risks in the use of both, which can be minimized with a correct administration

A lot of time we talked about the damage that bacteria can cause to teeth, and how they are responsible for creating holes in the tooth and let me tell you dear parents, that it was not the right approach to explain the origin of tooth decay; what really concerns and directly affects the production of caries is the amount and frequency of consumption of sugar in the daily diet. If we take the bacteria as workers of a work and sugar as their food, we would understand that without food the workers would be debilitated and could not work or die in the attempt.

I bring it out in order to better explain the important role played by both the breast and the bottle, they are vehicles within a food chain, especially in the first years of life; and both breast milk and artificial milk have sugar.

The first thing you should know is, if you do not add any type of additive, call it honey, sugar, chocolate, etc. to the gral milk consumed by the child.

The second thing to keep in mind is that you do not sleep with the bottle nipple or the mother’s breast in your mouth, because this creates an ideal environment for the rapid appearance of caries in infants and young children. and the third but not least, is to help you recognize liquids that are especially dangerous, and should have a limited and controlled use, such as artificial juices, yogurt, chocolate, soda.

Try not to send it to the nursery with any of them and always opt for low-sweetened natural juices or water.

All these tips are accompanied by the daily dental hygiene of the child. As much as possible, always carry your brush in your backpack.

Very well, now that you are aware of the general risks of the bottle nipple, let’s talk about specific risks of its prolonged use.

How much time is it?

The LIMIT would be until 2 and a half years of age, after this time there is a risk of deforming the oral cavity, making it narrower which subsequently results in lack of space for permanent teeth, bite problems and not to mention the lack of aesthetics in the previous sector.

How is the bottle abandoned?

You have to understand that it is a habit and you have to treat it as such. It must be a gradual process, accompanied by a firm desire of the parent or guardian, who is ultimately responsible for the child’s decision to leave the bottle.

for younger children it is always good to tell them that they are already children and should leave the bottle to not behave like babies; and for the bigger ones, who already know they are children but still use it, we must create a renewal environment and make a ritual, something like a farewell, to the old bottle.

As its use decreases, we must offer alternatives when it comes to ingesting liquids; your little one may go directly to take it in a cup or with a spoon; or maybe not. For these cases there are options in the market such as silicone teats with the shape of a small cup or cups with piquitos, sorbets, etc.

Cenas familiares saludables

De vez en cuando, nuestra dieta diaria se vuelve un poco caprichosa. Tenemos demasiadas cenas o demasiados platos de queso para la cena y tenemos que hacer un restablecimiento de lo que hemos estado comiendo y obtener más verduras en nuestros platos. Cuando ya seas una cocinera experta vas a poder crear tu pagina de comidas y recetas con la ayuda de agencia de diseño web en Tijuana.

Para mi familia de cuatro miembros, eso significa enfocarse en las proteínas, los vegetales y los granos integrales, pero ciertamente no significa que no haya un poco de pasta o nuestra noche de pizza normal. Aquí están las cinco comidas saludables que estoy cocinando para mi familia esta semana.

Bienvenido al plan de comidas de esta semana
Creo que la planificación de comidas es el secreto para las cenas nocturnas sin estrés. Ya que amigos y familiares me preguntan con frecuencia qué estoy cocinando para la cena cada semana, comparto mi plan de comidas semanales aquí. Ya sea que esté aprendiendo a preparar un plan de comidas y esté buscando un ejemplo de la vida real de cómo funciona esto o si es un viejo profesional en la búsqueda de inspiración, aquí hay un vistazo a cómo estoy alimentando a mi familia esta semana.

Lunes: Cómo hacer una pasta Primavera-One Pot
En realidad, hay más verduras por peso en esta pasta que pasta, que es una de mis estrategias favoritas para que mis niños pequeños coman más verduras. Estoy cambiando un poco las cosas y usando una caja de pasta de garbanzos Banza en lugar de penne estándar aquí.

Martes: Ensaladas De Tofu A La Barbacoa
Estos tofu son ingeniosos en muchos niveles. Primero, el tofu se rasga, no se corta, para darle un exterior más crujiente. Este método también hace que se parezca más al pollo; No estoy tratando de ser astuto, pero si lo intentan primero sin saber que es tofu, es probable que mis hijos coman más. Segundo, todas las verduras para estos tazones se pueden asar, lo que hace que la preparación sea mucho más fácil.

Miércoles: Pollo al estilo vietnamita y ensalada de fideos
A veces, una cena hace el plan de comidas solo porque quiero comerlo. ¿Creo que a mis hijos les va a encantar el repollo? Eso es un duro “no”. Pero hay suficientes verduras que les encantan, además de fideos de arroz y un pollo realmente digno de ansia para que ellos también lo disfruten.

Jueves: Cómo hacer un abundante desayuno Ensalada de frutas
Esta ensalada de granos tiene los ingredientes saludables y abundantes del “desayuno para la cena” que a mis hijos les encantarán. Estoy cambiando los cítricos de la foto por las bayas, piñas y algunas almendras tostadas de la temporada. Tendremos huevos fritos o huevos duros a los lados.

Viernes: pizza vegetariana y cada ensalada de pizza
Un menú saludable también significa equilibrio en todas las cosas. Estoy cocinando mucho esta semana y planeo hacer que el viernes sea fácil con una pizza vegetariana de nuestro lugar de entrega favorito. ¡Estoy haciendo la increíble ensalada de pizza de Faith para servirla!

Healthy Eating for Pregnant

Healthy eating while pregnant is important for any woman, but being pregnant and a teenager requires some extra handling to ensure your diet is what it needs to be for baby and Mommy’s health. Eating right doesn’t necessarily mean eliminating your favorite foods from your diet. However, pregnancy nutrition does mean eating for two. Your intention with the new change of eating habits is the wellbeing of the baby, not your weight , if you want you can communicate with Molding Clinic cosmetic surgery center after the birth of the baby.

Both you and your baby are dependent on what you put in your mouth for nutrition so be mindful about meal planning. By planning ahead and learning to make healthy food choices you can increase your baby’s chances of being born healthy.

From Fast Food to Fresh Food
Most teens eat lots of sandwiches and hamburgers. If you must eat sandwiches and other fast food, be sure to put fresh ingredients on them such as lettuce, tomatoes, and other sliced veggies—the more the better—on your sandwiches and burgers when you are pregnant to increase the nutritional value of your meal. You may also try a homemade veggie burger that incorporates beans, lentils, and other hearty veggies and legumes to maintain the full feeling you may get from having a hamburger. In other dishes such as pastas, casseroles, and soups, add lots of fresh veggies and fruit when you are pregnant. Just don’t try to make them “tastier” by adding additional fat such as butter, creams, or sauces.

From White Processed to Whole Grains
If you are trapped in a “white bread world,” pregnancy is a good time to learn to use only whole-grain breads and rolls. Switch from instant oatmeal with artificial sugars to rolled oats with fresh fruit or natural sweeteners like maple syrup or dates to satisfy your sweet tooth.

From Pizza to Veggie Pies
Pizza is not always an unhealthy choice for pregnant teens. However, it will take some effort to make your pizza healthier by adding lots of vegetables and extra cheese instead of fat and sodium-laden meats such as pepperoni and sausage. You might also play with making healthier sauces by steaming veggies and blending them with your sauce. You might also try healthier options for a crust such as a cauliflower crust or even a raw vegan option. You don’t have to sacrifice taste. Play with recipes and find the right ingredients so you can maintain eating healthier versions of your favorite foods so you don’t feel deprived.

From Sodas and Caffeine to Water, 100% Juice, and Milk
Fruit juices and milk are an especially important component of a pregnant teen’s diet. Sodas and coffee consumption should be minimal or completely cut out during pregnancy. You will do better with the nutrients found in 100% juice and milk. The less added sugar you have in your drinks, the better for baby and you. Milk can help provide calcium, which is vital for the healthy development of your baby and the health of your own growing bones and teeth. Instead of eating ice cream when you are pregnant, try eating other dairy options such as yogurt, mozzarella cheese, and cottage cheese.

From Frying to Baking, Grilling, or Broiling Meats
Always a good idea for reducing fat and particularly important for pregnant teens is to prepare meats by baking, broiling, or grilling instead of frying. In terms of what you pair your meats with, baked potatoes without butter or sour cream are a far healthier choice during pregnancy, or anytime, than french fries. Make up for the loss of fat by adding healthy oils and fats such as avocado, olive oil and the like with varying herbs and spices which will give you the taste you are looking for.

From Sweets to Whole Foods for Dessert
It used to be you’d grab candy when you get the munchies, but that won’t serve baby or your growing body. Instead of candy bars or cookies for snacks, try eating fresh dried fruits or raw veggies. For desserts create whole food versions of your favorite tastes. Make a sweet tasting smoothie with fruit you love to satisfy your sweet tooth or try a chocolate shake made with cacao powder, almonds, and dates which taste just like the real thing. Keep your fridge stocked with fresh fruit that is ready to eat and yogurt that’s in the proper serving portion so you can just grab and go. If you plan your eating correctly you can make the switch to healthy eating and create good habits that will help your baby enjoy good nutrition after birth.

This affects what you eat to your teeth


We are all aware that the best thing we can do to take care of our oral health is to maintain a good daily hygiene, but we must not forget the benefits and damages that some foods can cause on our teeth. We show you what your great allies can be and which ones you should banish from your diet to be able to show a healthy smile. Remember to avoid certain foods that stain your teeth, and if you are already visiting your dentist Samaritan Dental Clinic for a whitening.

Foods rich in vitamin C. It has been shown that the lack of this vitamin can cause bleeding gums, problems in healing, weakening of tooth enamel and gingivitis. Its presence favors the growth and repair of tissues, so it is necessary to include it in our daily diet. Orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, kiwi, red pepper, parsley, black currant, broccoli, watercress or papaya are some of the foods richest in this vitamin.

Foods rich in calcium. Dairy is a great source of calcium, necessary for our bones and teeth. In addition to milk and yoghurts, experts emphasize the importance of including cheese in our diet, because when we consume it, we produce more saliva, rich in bactericidal properties, which protect our teeth from decay. It is important to add that calcium is also found in other foods such as spinach, chickpeas, squid, broccoli, kale or tofu.

Foods rich in phosphorus. As in the case of calcium, phosphorus is essential for the structure of the teeth. It is found in foods of animal origin, such as milk and its derivatives, eggs, fish, and also in foods of vegetable origin, such as legumes, nuts or zucchini.

Foods rich in vitamin D. This vitamin facilitates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which makes our gums and teeth much more resistant to infections, such as gingivitis. It is present in blue fish, fish liver oil, margarine, eggs, milk and dairy products.

Your enemies
Sweets with sugar. Cupcakes, cookies, buns … It is proven that the habitual consumption of this type of food, rich in sugar, can cause tooth decay. Although sugar itself does not directly cause decay, it does contribute to its appearance, since it feeds the bacteria that produce an acid capable of slowly dissolving the enamel and end up producing this condition.

Carbohydrates refined with starch. French fries, bread or crackers are very useful as a snack. What many do not know is that a high consumption of saturated fatty acids is associated with the onset of periodontal diseases.

The citrus. They are especially harmful to our smile because, when the acid comes in contact with our teeth, the hard surface softens and generates greater dental sensitivity, in addition to exponentially increasing the risk of decay.

The carbonated drinks. Soft drinks, due to their composition high in sugars, caffeine and acid content, can lead to tooth erosion. They begin producing a deterioration of the enamel and, later, of the dentin. In children, excessive consumption can affect the health of their gums.

Isotonic drinks. In addition to hydrates, mineral salts and water, they contain citric acid, an additive that can damage the enamel leaving the dentine on the surface and end up causing tooth sensitivity. The best thing is that in this case reduce consumption and use a toothpaste specially designed to treat this condition.

Coffee and tea. This type of beverages besides being stimulating, so they can favor the appearance of symptoms such as bruxism, affect the enamel of the teeth, promoting the appearance of spots and discoloration.

The Danger Of Processed Foods

There are a thousand reasons to avoid processed foods. They are often full of sugar, fat, and salt, and often lack some essential nutrients for health, such as fiber and can even negatively affect health, from being carcinogenic to staining or damaging the teeth to the point of needing dental veneers in Tijuana Mexico.

Now, new research suggests that some of the added substances that extend the life of these foods in the shelves and improve their texture could have unintended side effects, not directly in our body, but in the human microbiome, the millions of bacteria that inhabit in our guts.

These substances could selectively feed the most dangerous members of our microbial communities, causing illness and even death.

Let’s see the increase in fatal cases caused by Clostridium difficile, a bacterium that causes terrible intestinal disease. It usually occurs just after having used antibiotics to treat another condition. These antibiotics kill your natural microbes and allow the entry of C. diff.

Nearly half a million people develop the infection annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and approximately 29,000 patients die, sometimes after long and painful episodes of bloody diarrhea. According to an approximate calculation, the number of deaths related to this infection has grown exponentially.

The bacterium has become more powerful because it has developed resistance to antibiotics and cannot be treated quickly. And now they have a unique ability to take advantage of a type of sugar called trehalose.

Trehalose is present naturally in mushrooms, yeasts, and seafood, among others. Historically, it has been an expensive product, but in the late 1990s, a new manufacturing process cheapened sugar. That translated into good news for the companies that produced packaged foods since trehalose works wonders to stabilize processed foods, keeps them moist on the shelves and improves their texture. Since about 2001, we have added that kind of sugar to everything from cookies to ground beef.

We will do well to feed them with as much soluble fiber as possible, preferably in real foods like nuts, legumes, and vegetables. Also, we can add these concerns about binders, sweeteners, and emulsifiers to our list of reasons to limit the consumption of processed foods.

Los Mejores Tacos de América

La obsesión de Estados Unidos con los tacos ha alcanzado un punto álgido. Y con el Cinco de Mayo a la vuelta de la esquina, encontramos una excusa perfecta para buscar lo mejor de lo mejor, aqui la lista.


Ensenada es uno de los estados de México con los tacos de pescado más deliciosos del mundo sin lugar a dudas, y es que el trabajo en las costas es lo que mantiene en flote la economía de este estado de la república, no solo con la comida típica, también con los cruceros y con los contenedores en Ensenada que siempre están de arriba a abajo con la mercancía y que al final de su vida útil siempre se reutilizan en construcciones o incluso en restaurantes.


Taco de Lengua en Atlanta, GA


Ubicado a lo largo del corredor de Buford Highway en América Latina y Asia, El Rey del Taco se destaca de la multitud gracias a sus tortillas hechas a mano con masa de masa fresca. (La opción cuesta 25 centavos más por taco, y vale la pena). El propietario Martin Marcias cocina todo para pedir y se enorgullece de los ingredientes frescos. Opte por cualquier relleno que desee, desde bistec a chorizo y cerdo, pero asegúrese de probar un taco de lengua. La lengua de la vaca se cocina baja y lenta durante mucho, mucho tiempo, dándole una textura que se extiende sobre la carne asada y el asado de olla.


Desayuno Básico Taco en District Taco en Washington, DC


Hay pocas cosas más reconfortantes que los huevos revueltos suavemente metidos en una tortilla de harina caliente, y esta cadena local en rápida expansión tiene tres opciones de desayuno disponibles todo el día. El “básico” incluye un simple relleno de huevos revueltos, queso y papas con una generosa lista de coberturas ilimitadas. Las nueces de la salud pueden optar por las claras de huevo, mientras que los amantes de las verduras pueden ir por el taco de desayuno vegetariano, que está cubierto con pintos, queso, pimientos salteados y cebollas, y viene con crema agria, pico y jalapeños.


The food tradition of the wise men in Mexico

Many tourists cross to get cosmetic surgeries or dental procedures such as dental bridges in Tijuana and also take the opportunity to get to know the Mexican culture, in winter it is when they enjoy the most since the cold makes everything taste better, from some prepared corn, hot tamales or such the kings’ twist a hot chocolate, actually the latter is part of the Catholic tradition of the wise men who came to our territory after the Conquest and remained during the Viceroyalty, although little by little it acquired local characteristics that modified it and gave rise to popular practices such as the lavish construction of births and send a letter to the wise men.

This tradition is celebrated on January 6 in Mexico, and has different meanings. Remember the adoration of Jesus infant on the part of the Kings and it is a medullary commemoration in the Catholic liturgy. From this story arose the custom of offering and receiving gifts, mainly for children, who ask, by letter, the desired toy.

It is also the day in which the delicious rosca de Reyes appears, which is a delicacy expected in the family snack and monastic delight in the viceregal era, since it is said that the nuns used to celebrate Christmas night with songs and donuts. Then came the Epiphany with the arrival of the wise men
and their sugary rosca perfumed with orange blossom water. French habit from 1311, which passed to Spain and then to Mexico, where the bean was replaced by a little Jesus that was originally golden silver, very tiny and crowned. Then they dressed him to take him to bless the Day of Candlemas. They say that some people swallowed them to avoid having to party on February 2. Those silver little Jesus were replaced by porcelain that they say came from Japan and are currently made of plastic. The tradition says that if your piece of thread comes a plasticom child you have to put the tamales on February 2 (another Mexican delicacy) of course, it is a culture revolt and results in an explosion of flavors.

Want to Buy a Food Truck? 4 Things to Know to Start Strong

If you want to buy a food truck, your friends and family shouldn’t be shocked. In 2017 the average full-time food truck in America grossed more than $300,000. Today’s consumers consider themselves “foodies”, and they love unique cuisine that strays from traditional restaurant faire. Even people who don’t consider themselves to be foodies flock to food trucks for that diverse, creative dining experience. And if you have a niche that caters to your audience, you will crush it.

Before you can dominate the food truck business in your local market, you must first buy a food truck from a custom food truck builder who has the skills and knowledge to help you be successful right out the gate. These five tips will help you find that ideal builder to help you achieve all your goals in dreams.

Have a Plan that Makes Sense

Ask yourself if your food truck business plan makes sense. This will include food truck revenue projections, your market, and your brand. As for revenue projections break these into three segments: food sales, beverage sales and catering sales. Factor in your expenses with ROI projections and ask yourself if the forecast is healthy.

Does running a food truck business in your area make sense? Do some research and determine how your potential audience engages food trucks, what cuisine is popular in the area, and learn how your community defines good, exciting food.

Does your brand reflect your communities you plan serving? Make sure it has a flare that resonates with your target buyers. Your brand should offer them something familiar but with a unique twist or something special.

Financing Your Food Truck

If you aren’t going to pay in cash you will need to find the best financing solution. Some food truck companies may offer their own internal financing. If they don’t, they should be able to help point you in the right direction. Small business loans are popular with food truck owners. Crowdfunding is another option where friends, family and people in the community contribute fund until you have enough to buy your food truck.

New or Used?

You may think that buying a used food truck will save you money, but in reality most used food trucks cause business owners to throw in the towel. Your ability to stay competitive and turn a profit relies on your ability to consistently operate and be in front of your eaters. Used vehicles break down and can rack up expensive repair bills. Your equipment can also constantly require repairs while you hemorrhage money. When you buy a new food truck you may be paying more up front, but down the road you save tens of thousands because your only bill will be routine maintenance. Furthermore, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have a high-quality custom food truck that won’t fail you in your busiest hours.

Finding the Best Food Truck Manufacturer

The best food truck manufacturer will be a company who builds you a solid truck designed to meet your goals and fulfill your needs without going too big or too small. They will also understand your market and build a truck designed to compete within it. The best food truck builders also help you stay within budget, and they have a marketing backbone to help brand your truck with the right vinyl wrap and technology.

Christmas beer in Tijuana offers honey, coconut and cinnamon flavor

Craft beer flavored with coconut, honey and cinnamon, offers in Tijuana one of the best mixtures, winner of the national silver award, drink called “La Liber”, as one of the first … Craft beer with coconut flavor , honey and cinnamon, offers in Tijuana one of the best mixtures, winner of the national silver prize, drink called “La Liber”, as one of the first colonies of Tijuana, so if you come to visit Tijuana for some reason of business or for health like the famous root canal Tijuana take the opportunity to try the beer. In an interview, the artisanal brewer from Azteca Craft Brewing, Joel López, said he wanted to make a special Christmas beer, mix Chiapas flavored with Tijuana, to unite the essence of these two Mexican cities. Lopez, who died days after this interview, commented that “I was born in Mexico City but I grew up in Chiapas; there, Christmas is not cold and shelter, but palm trees, warmth and living in the street, so we celebrate the Christmas season, I wanted to make the beer as we celebrate Christmas there, “said Lopez, also an industrial engineer, who has left Tijuana a great legacy, promoter of craft beer and pink beer, one of the most requested drinks in Tijuana. from Azteca Craft, daughter of artisanal brewer Karla López, said making craft beer is an inherited passion on the part of her father who has worked in the beer industry for more than 20 years. “After studying psychology, my sister and I asked my father to work with him in his beer laboratory, what I like the most is to experience the adrenaline of making new recipes and creating new beers, “he said. r and thinking about the result of beer makes her constantly create different flavors of craft beer, “you have to spend a month and a half for your cheve to go well, that’s what I’m most passionate about all this”. The cook of the craft beer indicated that “by gossip I got to cook beer when I finished studying my career in psychology, everything I’ve learned has been thanks to the learning that my father left us.” He expressed that the dark coconut and honey Christmas beer has made a difference in Azteca Craft Brewing, that its elaboration entails mixing different types of malts and hops, fermentation of the juice of the malt, yeast, sugar so that the alcohol is converted, carbonated , ripen and cool it. He indicated that currently offer seven types of beer both light and bitter, “every time we are more women who join in this industry, I am of the idea that if you have the ability to do something you do”. The Christmas beer in Tijuana, together with the Christmas decorations, make the cozy place one of the most visited in this border town, both for knowing and tasting the pink and Christmas beer with coconut and honey flavors.

Cómo Comenzar Tu Restaurante

Cómo comenzar un restaurante!

¿Quieres saber cómo comenzar un restaurante? ¡Has venido al lugar correcto!

No importa si está buscando llevar una franquicias de comida ya establecido al siguiente nivel o si está buscando comenzar un nuevo restaurante. 

Usualmente, la gente solo sueña con perseguir sus sueños de ser dueño de un restaurante, pero en realidad has dado el siguiente paso preparándote para abrir tu propio restaurante. Hay mucho que hacer antes de cortar la cinta roja y tomar su primer pedido. Yo llamo a esto tu tiempo de preparación. En todos los restaurantes, hay un momento en el que reserva cada mañana para preparar sus noches sin problemas. Lo mismo debe suceder antes de que abra sus puertas para realizar su primer pedido; debe dedicar algo de tiempo para asegurarse de que su restaurante tenga éxito en los próximos años.

El rol: El rol del dueño de un restaurante es doble: ser un proveedor de hospitalidad así como también un operador comercial. Los dueños de restaurantes dividen su tiempo entre la administración de la cocina, el comedor y la administración, concentrándose tanto en las operaciones diarias como en la dirección general del negocio

Educación: si bien hay programas de hospitalidad y capacitación culinaria disponibles en universidades e instituciones privadas en todo México, no son un requisito para la apertura de un restaurante. De hecho, la capacitación empresarial puede ser igual de valiosa para los dueños de restaurantes.

Salario: el salario del propietario de un restaurante dependerá del éxito de su establecimiento. Pocas personas se enriquecen como propietarias de un restaurante, aunque algunos pueden disfrutar de un salario de seis cifras. Otros, sin embargo, se resisten a darse un salario para mantener el negocio a flote en tiempos difíciles.

Desafíos: Los propietarios de restaurantes enfrentan una amplia variedad de desafíos, desde la administración del personal en una industria con una tasa de rotación notoriamente alta, hasta garantizar el manejo seguro de los productos perecederos, hasta las largas horas requeridas.

4 Reasons to Enter the Food Truck Business

Love your job, support your family, and indulge in the activities you love: it sounds like a dream, and in 2017 droves of people quit their full-time jobs to pursue the life of entrepreneurship with the goal to achieve this very lifestyle.

Entering the food truck business is an ideal way to live the good life and do what you love (if you enjoy cuisine and food service). But before you can hit the streets there are a some steps to follow. You need to come up with a concept and a marketing strategy. Then you need to work with a custom food truck builder who can help you brand your business while creating the perfect platform to run your operations. All of this may sound overwhelming, but in reality it is a simple process so long as you work with food truck manufacturers and marketers who can offer personalized care.

Still wondering if the food truck business is right for you? Here are four compelling reasons why entering the food truck business can help make all of your family and lifestyle dreams come true.

The Food Truck Business is Very Lucrative

With a low overhead and operations cost, the food truck business already set you up to begin earning the big bucks. But start-up costs and low overhead aside, the annual earning potential is nothing to shake a stick at. According to Priceonomics, a food truck selling the minimum five lunches a week average $240,000 in annual revenue. If you serve lunch and dinner five times a week you can expect to make more than $400,000.

Be Your Own Boss

Tired of answering to someone else? Are you in a job where you have more experience than your supervisor? When you enter the food truck business one of the benefits is you call your own shots, on everything. You can decide to work alone making it a solo operation, hire a family member to help out, or take on an out-of-work line cook to aid you in your venture. When you are your own boss you also get to create your own culture, mission statement, and define your values while setting your own goals.

Freedom to Work Anywhere

One of the other benefits to entering the food truck business is you can work anywhere, and serve any type of customers you wish. You can work outside of festivals, down by the beach, Downtown to service the busy lunch scene, provide healthy food to children outside of schools, or go park next to busy craft breweries where good beer always leads to hungry bellies.

Call Your Own Hours

One of the biggest perks to being an active participant in the food truck business is that you get to call your own hours. Is your 20th anniversary coming up? Take your partner on the vacation of a lifetime, your business isn’t going anywhere. Have one of your crew members run things for you while you are gone, or simply park it, leave it, and fire up shop when you get back. When life’s happenings come knocking such as doctor appointment, household emergencies, illnesses or celebrations pop up you can go spend your time where it is needed without having to use sick time, vacation hours, or get permission.

Being a food truck owner means you have total freedom, across the board.

Perfect banquets for corporate events

Corporate events are of great importance to companies. Each event has its peculiarities, purposes and different details. Banquets are a very important part of every party.

When conferences and seminars are organized, it should not be forgotten that they last a long time and coffee breaks must be made. In addition, lunch should be arranged with full meal. Coffee breaks and lunch, on the other hand, are ideas to comment on what has been seen.

The events that are organized for employees have other peculiarities. For example, local SEO agency KatRank organizes internal corporate events so that employees feel more confidence in the company and to show that the company thinks about them. In these cases there must be a large number of food and drinks. Obligatory, there must be a three-stroke menu.

When an opening or launch of new products is made, it is recommended that there be little food. Small sandwiches, tapas, canapés, small sweets are ideal varieties for these types of corporate events.

The appropriate drinks are glasses with white or red wine and different types of liquors. If the company wants to give a more different and exotic atmosphere to the party, cocktails can also be included.

These basic steps can help you with organizing different banquets for different types of corporate events.