Christmas beer in Tijuana offers honey, coconut and cinnamon flavor

Craft beer flavored with coconut, honey and cinnamon, offers in Tijuana one of the best mixtures, winner of the national silver award, drink called “La Liber”, as one of the first … Craft beer with coconut flavor , honey and cinnamon, offers in Tijuana one of the best mixtures, winner of the national silver prize, drink called “La Liber”, as one of the first colonies of Tijuana, so if you come to visit Tijuana for some reason of business or for health like the famous root canal Tijuana take the opportunity to try the beer. In an interview, the artisanal brewer from Azteca Craft Brewing, Joel López, said he wanted to make a special Christmas beer, mix Chiapas flavored with Tijuana, to unite the essence of these two Mexican cities. Lopez, who died days after this interview, commented that “I was born in Mexico City but I grew up in Chiapas; there, Christmas is not cold and shelter, but palm trees, warmth and living in the street, so we celebrate the Christmas season, I wanted to make the beer as we celebrate Christmas there, “said Lopez, also an industrial engineer, who has left Tijuana a great legacy, promoter of craft beer and pink beer, one of the most requested drinks in Tijuana. from Azteca Craft, daughter of artisanal brewer Karla López, said making craft beer is an inherited passion on the part of her father who has worked in the beer industry for more than 20 years. “After studying psychology, my sister and I asked my father to work with him in his beer laboratory, what I like the most is to experience the adrenaline of making new recipes and creating new beers, “he said. r and thinking about the result of beer makes her constantly create different flavors of craft beer, “you have to spend a month and a half for your cheve to go well, that’s what I’m most passionate about all this”. The cook of the craft beer indicated that “by gossip I got to cook beer when I finished studying my career in psychology, everything I’ve learned has been thanks to the learning that my father left us.” He expressed that the dark coconut and honey Christmas beer has made a difference in Azteca Craft Brewing, that its elaboration entails mixing different types of malts and hops, fermentation of the juice of the malt, yeast, sugar so that the alcohol is converted, carbonated , ripen and cool it. He indicated that currently offer seven types of beer both light and bitter, “every time we are more women who join in this industry, I am of the idea that if you have the ability to do something you do”. The Christmas beer in Tijuana, together with the Christmas decorations, make the cozy place one of the most visited in this border town, both for knowing and tasting the pink and Christmas beer with coconut and honey flavors.