4 Reasons to Enter the Food Truck Business

Love your job, support your family, and indulge in the activities you love: it sounds like a dream, and in 2017 droves of people quit their full-time jobs to pursue the life of entrepreneurship with the goal to achieve this very lifestyle.

Entering the food truck business is an ideal way to live the good life and do what you love (if you enjoy cuisine and food service). But before you can hit the streets there are a some steps to follow. You need to come up with a concept and a marketing strategy. Then you need to work with a custom food truck builder who can help you brand your business while creating the perfect platform to run your operations. All of this may sound overwhelming, but in reality it is a simple process so long as you work with food truck manufacturers and marketers who can offer personalized care.

Still wondering if the food truck business is right for you? Here are four compelling reasons why entering the food truck business can help make all of your family and lifestyle dreams come true.

The Food Truck Business is Very Lucrative

With a low overhead and operations cost, the food truck business already set you up to begin earning the big bucks. But start-up costs and low overhead aside, the annual earning potential is nothing to shake a stick at. According to Priceonomics, a food truck selling the minimum five lunches a week average $240,000 in annual revenue. If you serve lunch and dinner five times a week you can expect to make more than $400,000.

Be Your Own Boss

Tired of answering to someone else? Are you in a job where you have more experience than your supervisor? When you enter the food truck business one of the benefits is you call your own shots, on everything. You can decide to work alone making it a solo operation, hire a family member to help out, or take on an out-of-work line cook to aid you in your venture. When you are your own boss you also get to create your own culture, mission statement, and define your values while setting your own goals.

Freedom to Work Anywhere

One of the other benefits to entering the food truck business is you can work anywhere, and serve any type of customers you wish. You can work outside of festivals, down by the beach, Downtown to service the busy lunch scene, provide healthy food to children outside of schools, or go park next to busy craft breweries where good beer always leads to hungry bellies.

Call Your Own Hours

One of the biggest perks to being an active participant in the food truck business is that you get to call your own hours. Is your 20th anniversary coming up? Take your partner on the vacation of a lifetime, your business isn’t going anywhere. Have one of your crew members run things for you while you are gone, or simply park it, leave it, and fire up shop when you get back. When life’s happenings come knocking such as doctor appointment, household emergencies, illnesses or celebrations pop up you can go spend your time where it is needed without having to use sick time, vacation hours, or get permission.

Being a food truck owner means you have total freedom, across the board.