Girls Night Out Austin Hot Spots: French Food to Die For

A night out in Austin for the ladies is paramount to maintaining a great balance between home life and work. It is important for women to get out and enjoy each other’s company free from the shackles of work responsibilities or family life. Having a cocktail with the girls leaves one feeling refreshed and ready to return home and back to the office feeling renewed and recharged. Austin, Tx has a wide variety of restaurants and bars to choose from, but when looking for a girls night out, French food is an ideal choice. If you are seeking girls night out Austin French food locations, this article will help steer you in the right direction.

Why French Food for a Night Out in Austin Celebrating Women’s Friendships?

Not to embrace stereotypes, but when women get together for a night out in Austin, they tend to look for establishments that are sophisticated, refined, and fun. Finding an energetic night out in Austin that also offers a touch of class can be challenging, but when you begin your search with French food for your best dinner in Austin, you are more likely to find this rare combination that other establishments don’t seem to fully deliver on.

A Girls Night Out Best Dinner in Austin Starts with French Food

French food is decadent and enhances the good energy that swims throughout making for an ideal night out Austin spot for women. From the rich sauces to Bouchat mussels, French food Austin locations bring that added level of sophistication and vibrancy that resonates with female diners. Another thing worth mentioning: studies show there is a relationship between food and mood. While spicy Latin food is known for promoting high energy and activeness (ideal for watching sports), decadent French food is known for promoting mindfulness, sparking creativity, and setting relaxing moods–an ideal climate for a girls night out in Austin.

Austin French Restaurant Menu Items Worth Trying with your Ladies

When seeking girls night out Austin French food spots, make sure the menu is robust and offers traditional classic. French food dinner menus should offer classic staples like French onion soup. This rich, succulent item is a great starter to savor over a fun conversation with your girlfriends before the main course and wine makes it to the table. Full of protein and exploding with flavor, make sure the French food Austin spot makes the soup according to the traditional recipe.

If any of your girlfriends are vegetarian yet want to experience a traditional French food item, see if the French food Austin location offers a vegetarian take on a Bourguignon. For example, mushroom bourguignon is a French food vegetarian favorite offering a depth of flavor with a rustic flare. In fact, many say it is the closest thing to a common meat variation making mushroom bourguignon an excellent option for taste buds that enjoy tasting history in each bite.

Look for a French restaurant in Austin that offers an amazing atmosphere for your lady friends, amazing menu options, and have a great time celebrating your girls night out Austin experience.