The food tradition of the wise men in Mexico

Many tourists cross to get cosmetic surgeries or dental procedures such as dental bridges in Tijuana and also take the opportunity to get to know the Mexican culture, in winter it is when they enjoy the most since the cold makes everything taste better, from some prepared corn, hot tamales or such the kings’ twist a hot chocolate, actually the latter is part of the Catholic tradition of the wise men who came to our territory after the Conquest and remained during the Viceroyalty, although little by little it acquired local characteristics that modified it and gave rise to popular practices such as the lavish construction of births and send a letter to the wise men.

This tradition is celebrated on January 6 in Mexico, and has different meanings. Remember the adoration of Jesus infant on the part of the Kings and it is a medullary commemoration in the Catholic liturgy. From this story arose the custom of offering and receiving gifts, mainly for children, who ask, by letter, the desired toy.

It is also the day in which the delicious rosca de Reyes appears, which is a delicacy expected in the family snack and monastic delight in the viceregal era, since it is said that the nuns used to celebrate Christmas night with songs and donuts. Then came the Epiphany with the arrival of the wise men
and their sugary rosca perfumed with orange blossom water. French habit from 1311, which passed to Spain and then to Mexico, where the bean was replaced by a little Jesus that was originally golden silver, very tiny and crowned. Then they dressed him to take him to bless the Day of Candlemas. They say that some people swallowed them to avoid having to party on February 2. Those silver little Jesus were replaced by porcelain that they say came from Japan and are currently made of plastic. The tradition says that if your piece of thread comes a plasticom child you have to put the tamales on February 2 (another Mexican delicacy) of course, it is a culture revolt and results in an explosion of flavors.